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Ping My URL is a service to update different search engines that your website or blog has been updated. Pinging improves SEO rankings. Too many pinging can have negative effect. You should ping your website or blog after you make a change on your website or blog.

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Top 3 Sites to Ping Blog or Websites

7th November 2020
3 Min Read

If having a certain amount of traffic on your website is enough it isn’t so for the search engine! A website becomes popular due to regular updates and changes that satisfy search engines to fish out the newest content of an existing website. We’re all accustomed with the system of search engine optimization where using different internet moderated techniques we make sure that the website or blog is number one of the search engine pages.

This, of course, isn’t easy especially since we have plenty of competition out there so we resort to methods that have been long lost, forgotten or ignored. Such minute techniques can catch a search engine’s attention for the simple reason that you’re marketing content by making back way links. Therefore we adopt a method known as ‘Ping’ where through a ping, the blog or online hosts may be informed about the updates of your site. Thinking of building a large audience then you should certainly try out the ping services online.

Pinging has always been considered one of the easiest and simplest methods of letting traffic into your domain. Professional bloggers will advise you to ping your blog repeatedly for the simple reason that it will amplify your exposure in the market. When you first ping your blog it allows the website owner or administrator to share the latest updates that have been happening on the site. Such updates can be the addition of images, news, videos or even features. Perhaps you’ve added a poll into your site and this allows traffic to get directed towards your site.

The real reason that people ping blogs are so that you can achieve the kind of traffic you want while the surfers obtain regular updates about your blog. More or less you tend to inform the search engines about the changes in the site making not just visitors but the crawlers to visit your site for fresh information.

Top 10 WebSite List to Ping Blog or Website

1. Ping-o-Matic

Ping-o-Matic tool helps to update multiple search engines about the changes that take place in your site. It is a service that is quite famous and has been used by a countless number of bloggers and website owners to gain an additional amount of traffic.

2. BlogBuzzer

Specifically made for blogs, BlogBuzzer service provides that extra kick to your ranking that automatically submits your blog to sites through a ping. Not just the search engines get informed but also the directories are updated about your blog’s status.

3. Free-Backlinks Ping My URL Tool brings us this very powerful Ping My URL tool. You can ping your website or blog at


As per the new expansions and technology, there are various strategies and blogs to follow and maintain website live and updated. Making a website known by many people is what every website developer want. Competing with others, every website should put forward its importance more uniquely and continuously.